Zhejiang provincial leaders came to visit weike technology company

2020-03-18 14:15

Zhejiang provincial department of economy and information technology inspector ling yun led the department of green manufacturing and new energy industry director lu tie, department of economic operation deputy director Chen bo, industry and information research institute song ting to our company for research. Inspector ling highly appreciated our company's positive response to the government's call and rapid production of masks, and expressed satisfaction with the production workshop environment and the high-speed operation of high-end production equipment. Especially told the city bureau leadership to focus on supporting the production of high efficiency enterprises, and actively promote our company into the category of medical equipment masks. I also asked if there are any difficulties that our company needs the help of the government. The head of the company, zhan weidong, welcomed the arrival of inspector ling and his delegation, and thanked the relevant departments of the province, the city, the district and the town for helping the enterprises to turn over their production. We want to produce high-quality products to repay the leaders at all levels for their love and support. Huzhou by bureau director of party secretary, fang-fang ding letter, city via letter bureau (small and medium business administration), director of the party members, the city industry administrative service center jian-ping zhou, Wu Xing area to change the letter bureau party secretary, director Wu Yuanjiang, vice mayor YuXiaoJian Dai creek town industry, accompanied by secretary-general ZhuangHaiBo sanitary products in zhejiang province chamber of commerce and other leaders.

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